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10 Things To Know About Your New Boyfriend (TSV)

March 27, 2019

Your boyfriend looks great in pictures, but is this the one for you? We thought you might have a few questions, so we wanted to share some more details to reassure you that this one’s a keeper! Take a peek below to learn more about this amazing denim suitor.

1.Your Boyfriend is Classic.
The Laurie Felt Boyfriend Jean is a style from our Classic denim collection. Known for its casual look and California charm, our Classic denim creates the ultimate style experience – glamour, without trying. This authentic denim is made with ultra-soft cotton for a relaxed feel and just the right amount of give.

This fully-fashioned five pocket jean will slightly give with wear, and will shrink right back to its original size, and fit, upon washing and drying. Our Classic jeans are numbered (as opposed to alpha) sizing. Think of them more like a traditional Levi.


2. Your Boyfriend Looks Great on all Shapes and Sizes.
The size chart (same as QVCs Size Chart) below will help you find your size, but keep in mind, it really depends on how you like your boyfriend (wink, wink).

This jean looks great a bit looser, and cinched with a belt, as well as more fitted to your body. So, if you are between sizes, select the vibe you want most! We’ve created a Boyfriend Jean Lookbook with over 15 looks, so you can see how some of our gals rock their favorite jean! Please note that our boyfriend is more feminine than a traditional boyfriend jean, so will start out more fitted, but will stretch comfortably with wear, so there’s no need to size up.

Size 00 | 0 2 | 4 6 | 8
Waist 26 |27 28 | 29 30 | 31
Hip 34.5 | 35.5 36.5 | 37.5 38.5 | 39.5
Size 10 | 12 14 | 16 18 | 20
Waist 32 | 33.5 35 | 36.5 38.5 | 40.5
Hip 40.5 | 42 43.5 | 45 47 | 49
1X 2X 3X
Size 18W | 20W 22W | 24W 26W | 28W
Waist 39.5 | 41.5 43.5 | 45.5 48 | 51
Hip 47 | 49 51 | 53 55 | 57
3. Your Boyfriend fits the same as your other Laurie Felt Classic Denim Boyfriends.

They really do! We’ve brought you the same style you know and love, with a new wash and a new inseam, at a price point that you’ve never seen before!

4. Your Boyfriend Comes in Different Heights.
We’re thrilled to offer our Boyfriend TSV in two inseams! We’ve added a Petite inseam of 25” cuffed, 28” uncuffed, and our Regular length is 28” cuffed, 31” uncuffed).

So, how do you know which one to choose? Traditionally, if you are under 5’4”, you are a petite inseam. If you are 5’7” or taller, you are a tall inseam. However, depending on body type, personal style and preference of shoe height, you may prefer an inseam that is not traditional. For example, the petite length on a curvier 5’2” gal will hang differently than the petite length on a less curvy girl — and, those petite girls who prefer to rock a heel, may prefer a regular length… get the idea!

If you’d like to find your inseam, start with a pair of pants you already have that fits you well and lay them flat on the floor. Carefully measure the length from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg. This number is your inseam. Use this number to help you choose your next pair of great-fitting pants.

The fit shouldn’t feel noticeably different between the two inseams, besides the length. However, the overall garment measurements do slightly change proportionately between items of the same size with different inseams. In the Boyfriend, the front and back rise is 1/2 inch shorter on the Petite. This should provide for an overall custom fit! Please see “specific garment measurements” on for the inseam you are considering.

5. Your Boyfriend is Easy to Care For!
All of our denim is pre-shrunk so these jeans should not shrink when washed. If anything, they just recover to their original fit through the washing and drying process. We recommend following the wash instructions on the tag – machine wash cold, wash inside out, button and zipped. When it comes to drying, these jeans won’t shrink in the dryer. They’ll just recover to their original fit. We recommend following the care instructions on the tag, which advise to tumble dry low.

6. Your Boyfriend is Ageless.
At Laurie Felt – Los Angeles, we believe that age is only a number. While a good man may be hard to find, this Boyfriend is definitely worth keeping! Check out our Boyfriend Jean Lookbook for style inspiration across generations of fearless, inspiring women!

7. Your Boyfriend is Versatile.
You can take your new Laurie Felt Boyfriend practically everywhere! You two can enjoy a night on the town, a day at work, picnic in the park, your child’s school field trip, or lunch with the girls — you get the idea! Check out the Boyfriend Jean Lookbook to see some of our Laurie Felt gals, and their boyfriends, in action.

8. Your Boyfriend Is Admired.
The Laurie Felt Classic Boyfriend Jean has been a customer favorite for many years, which is why we’re bringing it to you as a Today’s Special Value! See below for a few real, honest reviews and join Heartfelt By Laurie Felt to ask other women about this jean!

“I absolutely love my boyfriend jeans! They are comfy and the quality is amazing. They honestly make me feel good, like I had a boost of confidence, because I felt I was wearing something of great quality. I looked great and I felt better. I love the wash, the look of the jeans, all the little details,” shared Clevona.

“These jeans truly work for real women. They are comfortable, flexible, and unlike a lot of other BF jeans, these have a classic, adaptable style for any look. The wash really worked with the jacket for a modern denim-on-denim look. And they are stylish jeans you can actually live in as a busy woman on the go. Any clothing line that can be worn so many different ways becomes staples one can build a stylish closet around. I love my boyfriend (jeans)!” Shared Heather.

9. Your Boyfriend Is Seriously Good Looking.
The quality of this jean, and the details we put in to making it soft, slouchy and stunning on the inside and out, makes it a keeper! We spend a lot of time in the wash process to give our yarn more depth and sophistication, the color is not flat and everything is done by hand. Our jean is lined from the inside out with Indigo Threads that wash down with each shade, creating a cohesive, premium look on all of our washes. Finally, we spend extra time hand sanding each pair of jeans with the finest tools to ensure a soft look, and feel, on the front and back! 

10. Your Boyfriend Supports You, So You Can Show Up in Full Force!
Quite possibly the most important thing to know about your new Classic Denim boyfriend is that while this jean looks and feels great, it gets out of the way so that your confidence, edge and style can shine right through! The best partners in life, (whether they are significant others or significant styles), are the ones that bring out the best in us. And if your new boyfriend does that, then we, here at Laurie Felt, have succeeded!


If there’s anything else you’d like to know about your new Boyfriend Jean, reach out to us via email!


The Laurie Felt Team