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Meet Stephanie

“I’m a bit of a dreamer with a doer attitude!”

Her Story

Stephanie lives a life of beautiful, soulful juxtaposition. She is a southern girl who describes herself as fiercely independent. Those who know her best lovingly describe her as “stubborn,” although that is really just her “persistence” in disguise. She describes herself as a an introverted extrovert, and has worked for many years in a predominantly male environment while also starting her own very feminine bath and body business four years ago. Stephanie says, “I’m a bit of a dreamer with a doer attitude!” She also started a project management and business consulting company (Project Luxe Consulting) on the side, so if you need any project or business management help…she’s your girl!

Stephanie has been a project manager within the Department of Defense for almost a decade. She currently contracts with the United States Army, and she absolutely loves supporting our men and women in uniform. In fact, her brother is currently serving in the National Guard and has deployed twice to Iraq, and her nephew is active duty Army (as a Combat Medic) and is currently serving in Iraq as well. He also previously completed a deployment in Afghanistan. So, it gives her great joy to support them in whatever ways she can. Although she has enjoyed working in a strong male dominated environment, she has found working with the women in her industry to be very competitive. Enter Heartfelt…. Stephanie loves being a part of the Heartfelt community. She is in awe of the woman-to-woman support that bonds the group. “The women here are amazing, I feel a real sense of sisterhood here that is absent in my workplace!”

In her spare time, Stephanie invests in her passion project, Monoi Botanicals (, that she started in 2014, when she discovered the benefits of the Tiare flower and Monoi oil that dates back 3,000 years. She started out by concocting formulas and products in her own kitchen, and in September of 2017, she traveled on a dream vacation with her best friend to French Polynesia to meet her new laboratory partner. Stephanie is excited to now take her vision of “old beauty meets new beauty” to the next level.

When asked where all her determination comes from? Stephanie answers, “without a doubt, my mom.” Stephanie and her brother were raised by a single mom who worked three jobs to put food on the table. She taught Stephanie that if she wanted something, she had to go get it! To this day, Stephanie and her mom are extremely close. “My family is my rock – especially my mama. She’s my best friend, and I’d be totally lost without her. She calls me her wanderer because I never stay in one place very long, and that is by choice!”

Stephanie believes in always giving back. She supports the military, several rescues and the Oceanic Society. She says, “It doesn’t really matter how you give back, as long as you do. Helping others, whether human or animal, makes you feel so good, and you never know whose life you’ll be touching, enriching and even saving with a kind gesture!”

While weight has been an issue for Stephanie her entire life, she loves how Laurie’s jeans flatter her thighs and booty! She’s even passed a few pairs down to her mom — who, “loves them by the way!” Stephanie says both she and her mom look absolutely amazing in their LF denim — and when you look amazing, you feel amazing!

Stephanie, you are an incredible heartfelt woman and inspiration! We are so grateful to have you as a Heartfelt Role Model.

Her Favorite Life Motto

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” It’s a reminder in life to not let fear take over. Use the fear as a motivator and go out and do or be whatever you want in life!”

What she loves…

I love to…travel (usually somewhere tropical), create new products for my bath and body biz, spend time with my family, yes that includes my dogs! …catch up with my best friend who lives in a different State, the beach…enough said. …connecting with other amazing ladies.

What word best describes her at her best…


What color best describes her…

Teal or aqua. I guess it would be my love for the ocean – I always want to be surrounded by things that make me feel good, and the ocean definitely makes me feel good!

One word friends or family would use to describe her?

Stubborn … ha! I definitely go after what I want.

Do you remember your first pair of denim?

Yes, they were stiff as a board, absolutely no give, and I had to lay down on the bed to zip them up…with a coat hanger! Miserable!! There is no incriminating evidence of this debacle, lol!

This special photo is… my happy place – Bora Bora!
Her Style

I love flowy blouses and tops. I don’t like anything tight unless it’s a layering piece. This is why I love Laurie’s blouses, they are perfect! My day-to-day style is business casual — slacks and a nice blouse, if I’m working. Yoga pants or jeans are my go to if I’m running errands, hanging at the house or with friends.

“It doesn’t really matter how you give back, as long as you do.”