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Meet Sara

My Ted Talk

If I gave a Ted Talk, my speech would be titled ‘Enjoy the Journey.’ My Ted Talk would be about how we need to learn to not just love the destination, but the entire journey — in everything we do.”

A bit about Sara

Sara is strong, independent, and kind-hearted. She’s very involved in her community. She serves students as a musical coach, as well as pursing her own dream in music theater. In fact, she was just cast in the show, Legally Blonde, for her college! In addition to her love for music, she is a full-time student and works multiple jobs outside of her studies. Sara is known to give her whole heart to everything she does and is admired by all who witness her loving spirit on a daily basis. 

What does it mean to you to Stand In Your Curves?

“To be confident in who I am, and to stay true to myself. I need to embrace these curves, because this is how I was made, and it is beautiful. When I started wearing these jeans, I began to explore myself and my confidence.”

Sara on self worth…

I believe finding our self-confidence comes from finding your self-worth. Standing in my curves means that I am proud to be me and my value does not come from what other people think of me, it comes from God and within.

If I listened to what other people thought of me and my value came from the words they called me, I would think of myself in a mainly negative light.

When I was in high school, I had an idea to have girls write on their bodies words that they have been called by other people. It was a very emotional project where I began to learn that even the women that I think are extremely beautiful and thin with ideal bodies were still being bullied and called nasty names.

Even the most confident looking person still has insecurities, and even if you think they are perfect, their confidence can be threatened and they could easily doubt their worth, all from one simple comment.