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Meet Robin

“Robin believes that life is filled with endless possibility…”

Her Story

Robin believes that life is filled with endless possibility if we allow ourselves to be open to it and remain grateful for all we’re fortunate to receive. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and works in Human Resources for Indiana University at Bloomington. Robin wrote about her journey of being the first of five children in her family to graduate from college (feeling, at the time, like she wasn’t smart enough to even go to college), and this story became her first to be published when it was featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s, “Think Possible.”

But Robin is a girl of many talents!

She is a loving wife and mother. Robin married her husband, Jamison, in 2009, in a Las Vegas wedding — they had a beautiful garden wedding with a really good party after! As a young woman, Robin (as do most women) struggled with body-image and found herself in a constant battle with the bathroom scale. But her newlywed husband adored her body — snapping romantic pictures of her whenever he could. So, purely as a gift to him, Robin decided to challenge all of her inhibitions and schedule a Boudoir photoshoot. And while she admits, this is not for everyone (and was “crazy out of character” for her), this photoshoot really became a gift to herself. With a trusted, professional photographer at the helm, she was able to see herself in a different light, she saw beauty that she could never see before — and for the very first time, felt “confident in her own skin.” She, again, wrote about this experience, and her story was chosen by the famous plus-sized model, Emme, to be published in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s, “Curvy and Confident!”

As a young adult, Robin became an orphan. An experience which changed her profoundly — and when she became pregnant with her daughter, Jalen, she missed her parents the most. She was overwhelmed with questions she wished she would have asked them when she was a “self-absorbed teenager.” Questions like: What was her mom’s pregnancy and delivery like? Was her dad worried about providing for a new baby? And, what were the true stories behind the boxes of photos left behind? This inspired Robin to start a blog In her blog, she writes letters to her daughter, Jalen, chronicling Jalen’s childhood, as well as sharing guidance and experiences as history is made. Robin shares, “I’ve found writing letters to her has been therapeutic. She is growing up so fast and stopping to reflect and write about her milestones and experiences throughout childhood helps to preserve these special moments in time so that they can be ‘re-lived’ later.” She wants Jalen to be able to see her memories one day from a different perspective (other than only from the perspective of her age at the time).

Lastly, Robin is passionate about her volunteer work for the non-profit, Prison Greyhounds, located in Indianapolis, IN. This group arranges to bring retired, professional racing greyhounds to Indianapolis where they foster the dogs and find them their forever homes. Before adoption, some of the dogs spend a few weeks in prison where inmates teach them “proper house manners” to help them transition to being a family pet. Retired racing greyhounds are unique in that prior to retirement all they have known is life in a kennel at the racetrack. This means that although they are fully grown, they are very much like a puppy when they arrive in Indiana. Most have not been exposed to things an average dog may take for granted. For instance, they do not know how to climb stairs, or even what windows are, because they’ve never lived inside a home as the family pet before. The inmates and foster homes teach these sensitive, gentle dogs these things to help transition them from professional athlete to family dog. Robin’s family fosters retired racing greyhounds until they find a forever home. She is also a writer for the Prison Greyhounds Facebook page where she writes status updates — pretending to speak as the dog that’s available for adoption — in hopes of helping them each get adopted. And, she has provided a “forever home” to her own beloved, retired racing greyhound, Gunner!

Now let’s talk fashion…..!

Robin tells us, “First and foremost, I would have to say that I feel confident when I wear Laurie’s clothes. Sometimes I think it’s overlooked just how much the clothing we wear can impact our mood, our behaviors and even our day. I’ve noticed that when I wear certain clothes, I’m less likely to speak up in meetings or strike up conversations with others, my mood is a little less uplifted, and instead of really taking in all the special moments in life, I’m distracted by tugging on my blouse trying to achieve a perfect fit, or I’m itchy because the fabric doesn’t feel great against my skin.” But, when she wears Laurie’s clothes, she experiences the opposite of this. She says the first time she put on one of Laurie’s blouses and her first pair of cropped boyfriend denim, she says, “I felt SO GOOD in this outfit that I immediately grabbed my camera and started taking pictures, lol!” In fact, up until that point, she hadn’t updated her Facebook profile picture in two years because she didn’t feel like she had a “good enough” photo of herself to use. But, she put on her new Laurie Felt outfit and had a new Facebook profile picture up the same day!

“I pay attention to detail in clothing and Laurie’s thoughtful details haven’t gone unnoticed by me! Of course the indigo thread in her jeans is everything.” Robin continues, “Laurie’s designs are stylish while looking effortless and include details that set her clothing apart from the rest…they’re just a little (okay, a lot) more special.”

Robin says that she obviously doesn’t know Laurie, but when she watches her on QVC talking about the brand and the Heartfelt Community, it feels genuinely authentic and not a gimmick by someone trying to sell clothes.

“I think the mission behind the brand is needed, it’s timely, it’s inspiring, it’s cutting-edge, and I think we’ll ultimately see more brands try to follow Laurie’s lead. I feel like this brand has meaning, it’s clothes with meaning, and as the Heartfelt Community continues to grow, I feel like I have a whole group of inspiring women supporting me every time I slip on an article of Laurie’s clothing.”

Robin, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! You have truly inspired us in so many ways. We are honored to feature you as a Heartfelt Role Model — especially around the #nicejeans campaign, as you give out so much “nice” to the world in so many ways!

What She Loves

I absolutely love creating “magical” moments for others whenever possible. For example, when my daughter lost her first tooth, I created a tooth fairy house in a tree outside her bedroom window – complete with fairy furniture and a trail of glitter leading to it for her to discover. At a local campground last October, there was a Halloween campsite decorating contest. And…we didn’t just set out some pumpkins and spooky lights, we created an Alice in Wonderland tea party with floating teacups, whimsically stacked teapots, and beautiful twinkle lights. Best of all, we built a 7 ft tall mushroom to stand overlooking it! The expressions on everyone’s faces as they discovered it was EVERYTHING!

What is Everyday Glamour to you?

Polished nails and a french pedicure … an accessorized outfit with one splurge item … fresh flowers for the home and office … a deep tissue massage … wearing a silk nightgown with matching bathrobe … red lips and heels!

If you had to pick one word to describe how you feel when at your best, what would it be?


What Laurie Felt – Los Angeles styles do you currently own, and what do you love most about them?

I am new to Laurie Felt – Los Angeles! Please forgive me for this Indiana rock I’ve evidently been under – ha! The great news is that I own 2 items, and I am IN LOVE and officially OBSESSED! I discovered Laurie on QVC just this month when I ordered the Classic Denim Boyfriend Cropped Jeans in Light Vintage (after receiving them, I immediately ordered another pair in the Vintage Blue), and I also own Laurie’s Woven Pleated Shoulder Detail Blouse in Blush. Together, they create my new favorite outfit. It’s cool, stylish, easy, and timeless, without being over the top. I love everything about both items.

If you could describe your style in one word or phrase, what would it be?


What color best describes you and why?

White. White is my favorite color because it’s so fresh and pure. It describes me because it doesn’t matter what color you throw at it, white will turn it into something beautiful, and that’s how I like to approach life.

Her Style

Every woman should do herself a favor and try a pair of Laurie Felt’s jeans, and Laurie’s Silky Flares are no exception. Between the fabric, the flattering cut, the style, the weight, the color, the perfect-size back pockets — every detail was given considerable thought and care to create the perfect jean that I’ve been searching for for years. The smooth stretch of these jeans allows them to slip on effortlessly and conform comfortably to my every curve. Good bye muffin top! Unlike my other jeans, I don’t have to inhale deeply to squeeze into them or do lunges around the bedroom to feel comfortable enough to leave the house. The Silky Flares feel so soft and comfortable from the moment I slip them on and remain comfortable until I take them off at night. Laurie’s jeans are of the highest quality at a reasonable price. Women of any size, any body type, and any age can wear Laurie Felt’s jeans and look effortlessly stylish. Now THAT’S everyday glamour!

“Laurie’s designs are stylish while looking effortless and include details that set her clothing apart from the rest…they’re just a little (okay, a lot) more special.”