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Meet Nora

“I’ve had a wonderful life, and the best is yet to come.”

Her Story

Nora lives a pretty simple life. But it wasn’t always this way. For 37 years (her entire career), she worked for AT&T.

“I didn’t know how hectic of a life I really had,” shared Nora. “I was happy with working, but I was missing out on the family side and personal side for a long time. As a single parent, you focus on bringing home the bacon. So, that’s what I did.”

Four years ago, she retired from Corporate America and was blown away by her newfound sense of freedom.

“I am loving my new chapter and the opportunity to own my time. I am blessed to have time for family, friends, travel, giving back to the community and doing whatever the day brings,” she shared.

So what does she do with her time? She makes sure she’s available for her children and grandchildren, first and foremost. Then, she socializes with her amazing group of girlfriends, travels the world, and enjoys time to herself at home.

“I’ve always thought I was both an introvert and extrovert, if that’s possible! I love still mornings with a cup of strong coffee and nothing to do,” shared Nora. “I also love listening to live music with friends or going to dinner at a new restaurant and just catching up with what’s going on in their lives!”

Nora’s new chapter has really made her realize the importance of the little things in life. It’s the little things we often overlook — like taking the time to catch up with friends or waking up early to enjoy the quiet — that can often bring such deep happiness and joy into our lives.

“All those little things that I didn’t have time for when I was working — they really matter,” said Nora.

She now uses her time to explore new hobbies and discover new interests. She’s done a lot of quilting and loves focusing on the fabrics, the colors and creating patterns. She also enjoys ceramics and adult coloring books.

Nora is such a beautiful person on the inside and out and her message of finding love in the little things, even later in life, is a great reminder to us all. We are so grateful to have her as a Heartfelt Role Model!


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On Laurie Felt Styles

I hate to say I was never a big fan of jeans. I preferred a dressier look, and until recently, comfortable jeans were a rare find. I ABSOLUTELY love these. They are just so comfortable. I wore a pair of the skinnies, and I got a lot of compliments and asked if I lost weight — and it was the jeans! I totally identify with the style of this brand. It’s classic with an edge.

What color best describes you and why?

Black because it’s understated and allows me to be the focus.

If you could describe your style, what would it be?

Classic. I love to be comfortable without looking sloppy.

If you had to pick one word your friends or family would use to describe you, what would it be?


If you had to pick one word to describe how you feel when at your best, what would it be?


What she loves…

My biggest pleasure is travel, I love tropical destinations.

“Enjoy the little things.”