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Meet Holly

“My mom said I started rearranging my room at age 6, and I haven’t stopped since!”

Her Story

Holly introduced herself to us as, “a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, assistant executive, events director, part time decorator and now a grandma!” After getting to know her — we have realized she is all of these things, and so much more. She is creative, kind, inspiring, fashionable, and loving. This blonde, fun grandma from Alabama has a true zest for life, and you can feel it from a mile away.

For work, Holly spends her days running events at her church, which she loves to do. But in addition to event planning, she’s been working hard to transform her longtime love for interior design into a reality.

According to Holly, “My mom said I started rearranging my room at age 6, and I haven’t stopped since!” And she hasn’t stopped since. She is self-taught with no training — except for HGTV, being a magazine junkie and decorating every chance she gets! Her friends have admired her home’s design for years and recently brought her on to do a few big decorating projects. She was also interviewed on designing outdoor spaces for a local magazine, coming to print in 2018. Her favorite outdoor decorating advice? “When you switch up things on the inside, save them! You may be able to use them outside and keep things cohesive across your entire property,” shared Holly!

When it comes to designing the inside of her house, Holly shared her style vision with us.

“I love my space to be cozy. I want it to feel like I live here and have a happy home, where people can feel comfortable. I want it to feel like my house is saying, ‘Welcome! Have a seat! Have a good time!’ I bring this mindset when I decorate other people’s homes as well.”

We asked Holly which room in her house was her favorite to decorate, and she answered instantly with pure excitement.

“Definitely my guest room! I purposely gave it 110% because I want my guests to feel that I went above and beyond for them! I wanted it to feel like a Bed and Breakfast!”

This answer shows how important her friends and family are to her and how she gives so much to others in her life.

Holly is a role model to all of us, from being there unconditionally for her family and friends to making her passion for Interior Design into her true calling at age 52. We are so grateful to have her as a Heartfelt Role Model, and we hope her story inspires you!

This special photo is…

I cannot imagine my life without these women. They are funny, wise, strong and make me a better person for having known them.

Her Favorite things

My family is the best. We are a large and rowdy group who love spending time together. Each October, my three sisters, my mother, my aunt and my two cousins head to the beach for week of “girl time.” We shop, eat, dance, have our feet in the sand and mostly, just laugh! I am truly blessed with a family that loves spending time together.

Her Style

Boho. Most days you will find me in jeans, wedges and a flowy shirt. I love clothes and shoes. I like to say I’m a curator of footwear LOL!

What color best describes you and why?

Anyone who knows me would say leopard print (LOL) but it’s gotta be black. It can be dressed up or down and hides a multitude of sins.

On Laurie Felt Styles

I still want to look relevant but am too wise (#old) to not expect comfort too. I’m so excited to have found a clothing line that I feel comfortable in and not kooky. I’m so excited about that!

“Your greatest contribution may not be something you do but someone you raise.”