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Meet Heidi

“If I look good, I feel good, and I know the day will be awesome!”

Her Story

Heidi is 47 years young and loves beauty, fashion, and anything girlie! When Heidi decides to do something she’s all in…”There’s no sticking one toe in the water!” She was working as an outside sales representative in Pittsburgh, PA, when she decided that she wanted to meet a nice man — she was interested in finding a lasting relationship but didn’t want to “date.” She never saw herself as the online dating type, but when a pop-up appeared on her computer for, she decided, on a whim, to make a dating profile. She did a search for “men of a certain age,” and her husband, Philip’s, profile appeared on her computer screen. Heidi admits that she was immediately attracted to …. the Siberian Husky in the back of his jeep! Heidi and Philip have been together ever since, and Heidi feels so blessed that, at 38 years old, she and Philip received the most beautiful gift — the birth of their son, Jake. Because they were older, Heidi and her husband worried that they might not be able to have a child, and when the pregnancy test came back positive, she thought she would pass out! Jake is about to enter 4th grade, and Heidi appreciates the fact that she only has nine summers left before he leaves for college. So, she makes the most of her time with him by doing “all things boy” that she never thought she would do, like jet-skiing and playing basketball — and she loves the mother/son runs they take together every morning.

After Jake was born, however, Heidi and Philip tried to add to their family but suffered two miscarriages. This was an extremely sad time for her, and she found herself feeling depressed and isolated. She couldn’t lose the baby weight from her pregnancy with Jake — and, in fact, she gained even more weight. “It got so bad that I became a hermit,” she says. And one day, while out with her mom and the baby, Heidi had what she calls her, “Storefront Moment.” As she passed by a mall- store window, she caught a glimpse of herself and couldn’t believe what she saw. Heidi has always been health and fitness-minded, and her reflection shocked and worried her. She knew what to do to be healthy — she knew how to eat well and how to exercise (she had even been an aerobics and spin instructor at one time!) — but, she just couldn’t find the motivation to do it.

Heidi was certain that she couldn’t be the only mom out there who needed the connection, motivation and support to “jumpstart” her life again after having a baby. Then and there, she decided she wanted to be the catalyst to help other women rebuild their self-esteem and get back on track caring for and valuing themselves again — and her blog and Instagram, @fashionmamapro, was born! “I am a huge QVC shopper, and my blog features a lot of my favorite things, and every once in a while we take a break from beauty and fashion and discuss some serious issues for women — such as a feature we did on local breast cancer survivors.” Heidi says she loves helping women dress their bodies and fall in love with themselves again.

Heidi, “fixes herself up every day!” Even if she’s just doing her normal stay-at-home mom thing! “If I look good, I feel good, and I know the day will be awesome!” She admits she buys a lot of clothes and, thus, needs to purge her own closet, often — a task she has since turned into a part-time, side-business for herself — she does closet clean-outs for hire! Heidi says women, especially, hold on to old clothes for emotional reasons, but sometimes it is just better to purge and start fresh, or re-style things you already have in your closet. Heidi always brings peanut butter cookies to every closet clean-out job she does because she says, “everyone bonds over peanut butter — unless you’re allergic!”

Heidi remembers the “good” ole days (or should we say the unfortunate days) of denim when she had to lie on the bed and pull up the zipper with a hanger to get into those darn jeans! But Laurie Felt reintroduced her to denim after she thought her denim days were long gone! Heidi says the beauty of Laurie’s jeans is that they are soft, comfy and don’t lose their shape. “You put them where you want them and they stay there, and you never have to wash them unless they get dirty!” Heidi also shares that now that denim is her best friend again, finding the right top is a huge thing for her. She says, “It’s hard to find age appropriate and cute tops to go with jeans. I also don’t like disposable clothing that I can’t wear after one wash … Laurie’s clothes stand the test of time — they’re quality and style without the huge price tag!” Heidi’s struggle to find things that fit, but still stay true to her individual style, are over since discovering Laurie’s line. And the cherry on top? Laurie’s brand messaging really resonates with her — it’s what she practices in her daily life — self-acceptance, being the best version of herself and showing compassion and kindness to others.

Heidi wants all women to know that each one of us has a unique journey… that the perfect picture doesn’t exist and not to live in that one bad moment.

Thank you, Heidi, for always being there for others. We hope that we can always be there for you too.

What She Loves

Here are some of my favorite things….
I love summer…
I love spending time with my family and friends whom we consider to be family…
I love running and working out…
I love my dogs and
being a stay-at-home mom!!

What is your favorite quote?

“The most precious jewel you will ever have around your neck is the arms of your children.”

What is your favorite color?

Yellow! I feel like yellow is the color of happiness, and I have been blessed with an amazing husband, child and family who are all healthy. All that makes me happy!

If you had to pick one word your friends or family would use to describe you, what would it be?


Describe your style in one word or phrase.


If you had to pick one word to describe how you feel when at your best, what would it be?


Do you remember your first pair of denim?

I had a light pair of Guess jeans back in the day! They were my favorite because I bought them myself!

Her Style

My day to day style is comfortable but not sloppy. I love jeans and joggers….they are life to a busy mom! I love denim jackets — I have way more than I am willing to admit!

“…each one of us has a unique journey.”