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Meet Gretchen

What does it mean to you to Stand in Your Curves?

To be unapologetically me.  

Her Story

In the Summer of 2002, Gretchen (an Oncology nurse of 25 years), was blindsided by a virulent illness that would eventually rob her of everything in her life, but her family and her home. The journey to find answers and reclaim her health was not only arduous, but challenged her to look at life in an entirely new light – forcing her to shed layers of what she thought were her core values and life-long learning.

We invite you to read an essay penned by Gretchen,“Standing Tall in my Light,” as we challenge you to stand in yours.

Her Wise Words

Women will change the world!  We are on the precipice of a sea of change in which each woman’s uniqueness—each person’s uniqueness—will be embraced and celebrated, and this transformative energy will create the loving and light-filled, heartfelt world we all wish for.  

Gretchen’s hope for the future…

I hope for a future where women no longer aspire to look like the women on the runways or in magazines/social media pages. I hope for a future where women embrace exactly who they are, and what they are born with — a future where our uniqueness is celebrated, not hidden away.

A Changing Body…

As my 57 year old body has changed with new lumps and bumps, courtesy of menopause, I’ve been calling this newly enhanced, midsection lumpiness my “wisdom pouch.” Truth be told, I am probably the only one who even notices these bulges, which, thanks to Laurie Felt, will now be called “my beautiful curves!” But the real power here goes far beyond my little self, and my tummy. It extends to our daughters, and future generations of women, who I hope and pray will stand powerfully in their curves and the uniqueness of their beautiful selves.