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Meet Dawn

“Any way to promote goodness in the world is a good thing.”

Her Story

Dawn is a midwest girl — every winter she says she’s going to leave, but she never does. She has been married to her husband, Kevin, for 16 years and they have one “tween” daughter and a dog. Dawn comes from a family of creative souls — her grandmother was an artist — and Dawn, herself, was a graphic designer for many years before becoming a mother. But, Dawn says, “You can find creativity anywhere. When I had the opportunity to teach spin class, I tried to think of creative ways to motivate people and make the experience meaningful for them.”

Dawn always wants to make a difference. She insists, “Every day you have choices, and every day I wake up with a grateful heart.” Dawn believes that you can re-create yourself in every moment, and that you really only have this minute promised to you, so why not try to be the best version of yourself that you can be? In fact, Dawn is sure that, “It is our job to be a better people for ourselves and others, and for the world.” She believes there are several ways to be positively impactful, but she prefers to look for opportunities close to home where she can help on a personal level. For example, when she sees a homeless person, or someone struggling with groceries, or just someone who looks like they are having a bad day, she thinks about what she can do. Bring him or her a sandwich? Offer to help carry bags? While Dawn knows it may not always be possible to help, sometimes it is as simple as offering a smile, just because, and if we are careful observers, we can see many ways we can help as we go through our daily routine.

What’s on Dawn’s “bucket list?” — To write a fiction or children’s book and contribute to a magazine as a journalist.

But there is plenty of time for that…right now she is focused on raising her daughter to be a kind human. And when she leaves for college, Dawn will reinvent her purpose in a way that gives back. To that end, every week Dawn puts together a word of the week, and a quote of the week, and hangs it on the inside of the front door, “to teach us new words and to inspire us.” She says she particularly loves all quotes that help her family step outside their comfort zones, to try new things, and to help them realize how blessed they are.

Dawn is a jeans and tee shirt type of girl and loves Laurie’s designs because they are easy and comfortable. She says, “In Laurie’s clothes, I can be myself and do what I need to do as I go through my day.” She says people can be just as beautiful in jeans as they can be dressed-up — even more so, she believes — because then you focus more on the person than on the clothing. “People notice Laurie’s designs because they are stylish and eye-catching, but they notice me too, and I feel great wearing them! They reflect my style in a subtle way, while still allowing me to be me. Kind of everyday glamour I guess.”

Dawn, we love you just the way you are and we are grateful to have you as a Heartfelt Role Model.

What She Loves

Well … I love to hang out with my family, run, cycle, bake, ride horses, go out to dinner, shop for make-up and clothes, read and watch football! If I lived by an ocean, I would spend lots of time at the beach, and if I lived by the mountains, I would spend time hiking and looking at the sunset! I try to find new ways to enjoy new things with my family, even if it is just taking a walk together to get ice cream!

What is Everyday Glamour to you?

Looking your most beautiful self.

Do you remember your very first pair of denim?

In high school, I had a pair of worn-in jeans (maybe Levi?), but they fit me just perfectly (of course then I had stick-straight hips!) — they felt a little loose but didn’t look it.

What is your favorite quote:

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” — It reminds me of how we can focus on bigger and better things in life.

What one word would your friends or family use to describe you?


If you had to pick one word to describe how you feel when at your best, what would it be?

Energized. When I’ve had a great night sleep, a great workout or just feel good, I feel I can share my best with the world and the people around me.

Her Style

Mostly, I am a jeans girl but like to style with bohemian shirts. I also like the more modern looks, but they have to be easy to throw on!

“I believe experiences in life are so important, as is living in the moment.”