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Meet Dannielle

“Happiness does not come from the scale.”

Her Story

Every morning when Dannielle sends her daughter, Isabella, off to school, she tells her, “Learn lots and be kind.” Danielle is a strong believer that what you put out there is what you get back. She says, “Life is hard, period,” and, it is a choice to wake up happy — but it takes a lot of work. It is a choice to wake up with a smile and say something nice to someone — but it is well-worth the effort.

Dannielle lives with her husband of 13 years, daughter, and son in a suburb of Chicago (Itasca), Illinois. She is a licensed cosmetologist, who is currently hard at work raising her beautiful family. She loves the fashion and beauty industry and making people feel good about themselves. “I work really hard to live a happy, positive life. Complimenting someone can make their entire week, so I am super generous with compliments and smiles!”

She is all about self-acceptance, knowing her “audience,” and making a positive impact on others. Dannielle refers to herself as “just a chubby mom,” and says her audience is definitely not the Kim Kardashians of the world. But that doesn’t matter to her. She says she’s been all shapes and sizes, and she was actually less happy when 100 pound lighter than she is today — because, she says, happiness does not come from the scale. “It comes from being in a positive relationship with yourself, knowing your worth, and valuing yourself.” She has learned important lessons about what matters now — so, you better believe that she wears the bathing suit to the public pool and swims with her kids! She says that it is not terrible to not have the perfect body. It’s about being good on the inside. “I can lose weight if I want to, but you can’t grow a heart!”

In an attempt to spread more positivity through fashion and beauty, Dannielle, along with her friends, Mar Mingo and Jacque O’Neill, started the closed Facebook Group, QVC Crew — all shoppers welcome! It is a place of positivity and support.

QVC Crew welcomes shopping of all kinds! This includes QVC and non-QVC, of course. If we can save a dollar, any way we can, please share. They crew is open to sharing coupon codes and sales to help your fellow shopping friends save!

QVC Crew also encourages product reviews and ideas. If you have an opinion about a product, share it! Good and not so good product reviews are welcome, as long as it’s about the product. Have a product idea? Feel free to share!

Dannielle admits, “It’s hard to see people on social media seemingly living a ‘perfect’ life — when that’s never the case.” She says that life is not all glamour, but it’s important to find what is your everyday glamour. Knowing your priorities and presenting the best you — that you can be — for you — is the goal. Dannielle believes that people treat you differently when “you’re put together,” and that not everything works for everyBODY.

Which is one reason why Dannielle is obsessed with Laurie Felt denim! She believes that good jeans should come in all sizes, and Laurie’s definitely DO! Dannielle loves that Laurie’s jeans are on trend, edgy and fashion-forward. “They wash well, are comfortable, and I feel confident in them,” she says. She also appreciates that once you find your perfect size, the brand stays “size consistent.” And her brand new Laurie Felt flares? She says,“They may take over my silky skinnies as my faves! They are just so slimming and balance my body well! I love that they seem dressier to me too — definitely Date Night denim!”

Dannielle always tries to stay focused on where she will have the most positive impact with the time she is given … and her parting thoughts? “Life is hard — make the most of it because time expires.”

Dannielle, as a Heartfelt Role Model, we are certain that your positivity will not go to waste. #nicejeans #nicegenes

What She Loves

Here are a few of my favorite things…
My kids.
Wreath-making and crafting.

What is Everyday Glamour to you?

Classic comfort that is effortless.

What is your favorite quote or life motto?

“Energy is everything.”

If you had to pick one word your friends or family would use to describe you, what would it be?


If you had to pick one word to describe how you feel when at your best, what would it be?


What color best describes you and why?

Yellow! It’s happy and cheerful!

Her Style

“If I could describe my style in one word or phrase, it would be everyday glamour for sure!”

“I am all about self-acceptance, knowing your “audience,” and making a positive impact on others.”