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Meet Bree

“My rescue pitbull, Gwen, has taught me so much about how to teach people acceptance through kindness.”

Her Story

At one point, Bree and her husband Brandon, had 13 animals in their humble apartment — their magical, pitbull, Gwen, and 2 litters of foster kittens that needed to be bottle-fed! In their free time, Bree and Brandon work with local rescues and animal shelters to, “save as many kitties and pups as we can.” The rescue that they work with the most is the Rescue Freedom Project (RFP). Originally known as the Beagle Freedom Project, RFP’s mission is to rescue lab animals (which are mostly Beagles) that are about to be euthanized and instead find them forever homes. Nine States currently have laws in place that require laboratories to adopt out lab animals instead of euthanizing them, and RFP is trying to get these laws passed across the nation, as well as internationally — it horrifies Bree to know that lab animals in Asia are sent to meat farms. RFP has also now combined with ARME, Animal Rescue Media and Education, an organization that finds fosters for shelter animals that need specialty care — such as kittens needing to be bottle-fed. That’s where Bree, Brandon and Gwen come to the rescue! To date, Bree has fostered 30 kittens, including those she fostered while in Amsterdam, adopting out all but two — Winifred (who was part of a Halloween litter and is thus named after a character in the movie Hocus Pocus) and Charles (a polydactyl kitten with extra toes that make his paws look like little hands) remained permanent members of the Foth family!

Gwen, of course, has been an important part of the puzzle. She was pregnant with a litter of puppies when she was first fostered by Bree through a pitbull rescue foundation, and after all of her puppies were adopted, she remained a Foth! And, she is an incredible foster mother to each and every kitten that comes into the Foth home. She keeps them clean, teaches them right from wrong, and just plain old loves them up! Gwen has become an incredible partner and inspiration to Bree as well. She is an accredited medical alert dog (for Bree’s hypoglycemic condition) and was able to move with Bree and Brandon to Amsterdam for Bree to pursue her graduate studies in Art History. Bree says, “Gwen has taught me so much about how to teach others acceptance through kindness.” Bree says that Gwen is automatically judged by people simply because she is a pitbull. “People are afraid of her when they see her and even cross the street so they don’t have to pass by her.” But, Gwen, on the other hand, accepts everyone with kindness and patience. She wags her tail, but gives those, who she senses need it, space. “She handles it all so gracefully,” Bree says, “without ever taking anything too personally.”

Bree has been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which is a daily struggle for her — it’s a genetic condition that she has dealt with, and will deal with, for her entire life. Seeking alternatives to daily medication, Bree found yoga. In her very first yoga class, she met a beautiful soul (Andrea S) who was a brand new yoga teacher. Together they discovered what kind of yoga student and what kind of yoga teacher they each wanted to be, respectively. And Bree discovered that the beauty of yoga was that what you learn about yourself on the mat is what you can take off the mat and into the world.

It was also through her amazing yoga teacher that Bree was introduced to Laurie Felt – Los Angeles! Actually, Andrea introduced her to the Heartfelt community which she joined and fell in love with — “I adored all the support and positivity!” At first, Bree didn’t even realize that there was a denim brand attached….she saw women posting pictures of themselves in just the cutest clothes ever, so she peeked at the Laurie Felt website and was hooked!

As she’s grown up, Bree has discovered more about finding her own personal style. She actually gets inspiration from celebrities — think, Meghan Markle and Kristen Bell! She likes to choose different pieces and make them work specifically for her. And, she says that, “Laurie’s pieces are just so versatile, so everyone can customize them to fit their own personal sense of style. Your outfit can be so different from someone else’s even if you’re both wearing the same pair of Laurie Felt denim or the same blouse!”

Bree’s latest fashion find — the Silky Flare denim! She says they are insanely comfortable from the minute she puts them on. She especially likes to wear the dark wash for work. “They’re so soft, they feel like yoga pants!”

Hey Bree, we hear you! We are so grateful to have you as a Heartfelt Role Model. Your kind and generous spirit is an inspiration to us all.

What She Loves

Traveling to new places.
Pulling kittens from local shelters.
Watching movies at home with my loved ones.
Working for the City of Santa Monica and living near the beach!

What color best describes you and why?

Purple — it is a deep color which reflects my passion, and it is a warm color that expresses my deep love for those I love and especially animals!

What is your favorite quote or life motto?

“Treat others the way you wish to be treated.”

If you had to pick one word to describe how you feel when at your best, what would it be?


If you had to pick one word your friends or family would use to describe you, what would it be?


Her Style

I love skinny jeans, tailored tops and comfy, but stylish, shoes. I could live without bell-bottom jeans, crop tops and platform shoes! And, if I had to describe my day-to-day style? I would say a combination of business casual and beachy!

“I want to save as many kitties and pups as I can.”