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Meet Bella

Bella shares..

“I work every single day to embrace the message of body positivity and self-love. I have spent hours upon hours mentally preparing myself to wake up every morning and remind myself that I am lucky to have my body and to feel grateful for every lump or bump, because they make me who I am.  

A little about Bella

Throughout her high school years, Bella suffered from two eating disorders, stemming from self-hatred and control issues and constant comparison to other girls her age on social media and in real life. Part of her recovery process was realizing her body is a temple — it will sustain life one day! Her legs help her walk and embark on unique experiences. Her curviness is who she IS.

Bella wants to help create a safe space and an environment for women to stand together in their own truth, accepting themselves for all that they are  — to truly change not only the fashion industry but the media, and the portrayal of women worldwide.

Her Wise Words

It is vital that we stand in our curves as women, and empower one another, because it is so often that I meet women and they feel so alone and as if their battle to accept their bodies is one they fight on their own. When in reality, so many of us struggle to embrace our bodies and to love ourselves. If we can create a safe space and an environment for women to stand together in their own truth, accepting themselves for all that they are, then we can truly change not only the fashion industry, but the media, and the portrayal of women worldwide. 

If you had a ted talk what would it be called?

It would be called “One Must Always Sparkle,” meaning no mental illness, struggle, or life experience can hold myself (and others) back from “sparkling.” Difficult life experiences only add too, or enhance, our own inner sparkle!

Don’t tell what you “do” — tell us how you love to spend your time.

I love to spend my time with my family. I am very blessed to have grown up in a very loud, sometimes annoying, ethnic family. We are ALWAYS in each other’s business, often judgemental, but love each other on the deepest level humanly possible. I would not sacrifice my crazy family for anything. Whether we are exploring my sister’s new “hometown” Los Angeles, or forcing our way into my grandmother’s home – begging her to cook for us. Family is everything to me.

What’s the greatest gift you feel you bring to the world?

I feel (or hope) I bring truth and honesty to the world. I do all that I can to live an authentic life! It is very rare, if ever I say or do something I do not mean.

What’s the greatest gift you feel the world needs most right now?

The world needs COMPASSION. With our current political climate, I have never felt our world become more divided. I cling to the idea that “love ALWAYS wins.” Love takes the form of compassion and kindness which I feel our world is truly lacking.

What are the qualities to you admire most in yourself and others?

I admire vulnerability in others and myself. Lately, I have been able to become more vulnerable with people which is something I have always struggled with. I also admire this quality in others because for so many years I would not allow myself to be vulnerable, and when people could open up, I was in awe of their strength!

“I want to be remembered as a good friend, good sister, good daughter, good wife and mother… but most importantly, I want to make people feel good in their own skin, ” said Bella.