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Meet Marsha

My Favorite Quote

“Not all who wander are lost.”

Her Story

Marsha didn’t know how to watercolor. So she decided to take a class and within time, she captured her little town in water colors for all to see. Now her work is featured in art shows and on display in La Jolla, California. This little story paints the tale of Marsha’s mission in life: try new things, get a little outside your comfort zone, never stop exploring.

When Marsha moved to the rugged coast of Oregon, she and her husband Ken didn’t know a single person. They knew the area was beautiful and the right fit for their lives, so they spent years building their home and landscaping, which became one of Marsha’s passions and forms of creative expression. “My garden? Oh gosh, such visual happiness. It’s my go to place. I can express myself there even more than with watercolors. Sometimes visitors will stop by and say, “how did you think of doing that?” That’s when I know it’s a success!”

Having recently entered retirement, Marsha noticed other people in her life stage having fear and doubt around trying new things and doing things in different ways. She believes it’s so important for anyone entering a new phase in their lives to keep things fresh. “Being an artist gives me the opportunity to see things a little differently,” said Marsha. I like to revisit things in a new way, whether it’s doing an activity or wearing clothes or hair in a different style. We are surrounded by opportunities to re-invent. I am aging and got sick of paying a lot of money to color my hair, so I decided to let it go natural, and I love it! It’s like I didn’t know what was underneath it!”

With so much exploring and discovery in daily life, it’s important Marsha finds centering and grounding every day. When her Mom died in 2012, her friend gave her a journal, and she’s been writing every day, ever since.

“Sometimes I can pour my feelings out, sometimes I can rant. Sometimes I can be joyful. The more honest I am on paper, the more benefit I get out of it in the future. It’s so personal. When you look back at something 10 years later that was tough, to see you made it through it, and the things that were put in your path to get there, is just incredible.”

Marsha says the daily journaling helps her see the little things more in life — which are the most important things. “I like to write down the little things that happened in the day, the things you always tell yourself to write down but then forget, like something your child said. To go back and see those things 10 years later is amazing. Those are the kind of things I love to capture,” said Marsha.

In addition, journaling has also become a form of creative expression for Marsha. She often draws and doodles within her books and has fun with it!

Marsha is a true inspiration to our Heartfelt community, inspiring us to take risks and step into the unknown. Inspired by Marsha? Leave her a comment below or join our Heartfelt Community to get to know her and other real, inspiring women.


Hiking, reading, traveling, pubs and wine are my favorite past times. Gardening is my passion.

A few of my favorite things…

My newest favorite thing is my retro looking, but brand new, camping trailer. A little slice of joy to tow behind us. I’ve named her “Peanut”. She is tiny and salty. Attitude! She will take us to points new to us as we discover more of our incredible surroundings. Also, my trio of friends –they’ve helped jump start my creative side. Together we paint. Together we share opinions. Together we drink wine! Through thick and thin. Strong women, strong bonds.

What color best describes you and why?

Turquoise: Fresh, exciting, lively…adventuresome.

If you had to pick one word your friends or family would use to describe you, what would it be?


If you had to pick one word to describe how you feel when at your best, what would it be?


Her Style

The Pacific Northwest is all about the outdoors. Which means JEANS all the time. I’m all about comfort. I lead a casual life but always strive for something a bit chic in my wardrobe. Yes, there are overalls, plaids and woolly socks…but there is also my artist side, and California past, which yearns for shoes, fashion and chicness!

On Laurie Felt Denim: “Jeans. Perfect, comfy fit. Interesting detail at the waist with the inclusion of a button closure. Love the dark denim color. I NEEDED these jeans in my life. Oh yes….a keeper for sure,” shared Marsha!

“Not all who wander are lost.”