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We design #nicejeans. Jeans that support you in all that do — and in all that you are.

Our denim makes you look and feel great in your body and on all bodies — of all ages!


Our jeans make you feel secure — and contour to your figure. Our jeans are top quality at a nice price. Our jeans are for all.


We use the finest cotton in all of our denim to create a feeling of pure comfort. While softness is usually the first word women use to describe our jean , its premium durability is key to keeping it soft and like-new, wear after wear. Softness and strength are qualities found in our jean — and in the women who wear them.


The combination of premium fabrics and the artful way they’re woven together creates a stretch that moves with you, and stays with you, as you move in the many directions that life often takes us.


This jean outwardly mirrors your inner allure. While comfort is key, glamour is not to be compromised. Lined from the inside out with premium, indigo threads and washed to perfection, the look of this jean is strikingly sophisticated.

At the same time, the DNA of our brand has always been to create nice jeans, and that is inclusive of a nice price. We cut down in all the right places, except for the jean itself, to give it to you at a price that works for you — not against you.

Our Core Styles

Silky Denim

Silky denim is ultra-soft, and at the same time, strong and flexible. This jean contours to your figure, as if it were tailor-made to fit your body. 

Classic Denim

Known for its casual look and California charm, our Classic denim creates the ultimate style experience – glamour, without trying.

Curve Silky Denim

Uniquely constructed to support and accentuate your body’s natural curves, our Curve Silky Denim has your back – literally.  

“What I love most about Laurie’s jeans is that they are for all women of any age. You don’t have to have a model body. You don’t have to be in your 20s. Any woman will look great in these.”


-Robin R, a Laurie Felt Customer