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Meet Darlene

“What you focus on grows. Therefore, place your attention on love, happiness, healthiness and fun.”

Her Story

Darlene has always been an inquisitive person, reading books and trying to understand the world, and her place in it. As a Chief Compliance Officer, she is responsible for making sure everyone follows the law. Outside of work, she is a mother of three boys.

Years ago, something happened with one of her boys, and it caused her to drop to her knees — literally.

Feeling helpless, there was little she could do to help him and realized she needed to find a way to help herself. She went back to the books she had curiously explored throughout her life and starting practicing specific teachings that had been in practice for thousands of years.

She explored her relationship with her thoughts. The power of mindfulness and meditation. Practices of gratitude. Yoga. Pilates. And soon enough, she learned the way to feel centered and grounded daily, despite the unpredictable and challenging parts of life. This work is a practice — but it’s one that brings Darlene deep joy and gratitude as she guides others in exploring ways to feel centered, find happiness, and live a full, vibrant life.

Her Wise Words

It is important to start to acknowledge your feelings and understand that you are the creator of those feelings. We were all born divine beings, and happiness is our divine right. We spend a lot of time focusing on negative feelings and feeding those feelings, which only brings more of the same. Happiness is your birthright, so focus on living in that state as often as possible.

What she loves…

I love to exercise, hike, watch football and hockey and hang out with my family! I love to read a nonfiction book on a rainy, cold night curled up under my down comforter!

Favorite Authors

Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks, Dr, John Murphy, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

What color best describes her…

Yellow — I like to shine like the sun to light the way for others.

One word friends or family would use to describe her?


This special photo is…

My youngest son and I took a ride to a nearby field of sunflowers. The family that owned the field had planted the sunflowers in remembrance of their loving mother. It was so overwhelmingly beautiful and made me appreciate the power of nature!

Her Style

In addition to feeling great on the inside, Darlene loves to find stylish yet comfortable clothes that support her inner glow. “To me Everyday Glamour is feeling good about what I am wearing, and not caring about what others may think about how I dress. I’m very curvy. I need something I can do a cartwheel in!”

“I am all about trying to help people center themselves and realize the power of their thoughts. People are so used to all of the noise. There’s a different way of living,” said Darlene.