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We are a Heartfelt brand.

We design jeans with the qualities we look for in others, and in ourselves.

You are the force behind our jean. The mastermind within. The one who can inspire us to come together, to support one another and rise to unimaginable heights. It’s you who needs to be in the spotlight, shining with all your strength and conviction, beauty and heart. We know you’re ready. We’ve got your back.

But that’s not all — we’re also sending you forward.

We’re here to support you in your style and life, but true brands, like true friends, don’t stop there. We know the world needs your softness and your strength — and this duality is our DNA. 

Meet Our Team

Laurie Felt

Laurie is the founder of our brand and a true denim devotee. She started designing nearly 20 years ago with a dream to bring glamorous styles to women of all walks of life.

Andrea S

Andrea is our VP of Brand and back up on-air guest on QVC! Andrea put her heart and soul into building this brand, inspired by and created for, empowering women everywhere.


Emma is our Product Manager, working hard behind-the-scenes on production of our denim and tops. Emma also works as Laurie’s producer for her on-air shows.


Sophie is our Brand Coordinator. This incredibly talented gal knows the devil is in the details and juggles many jeans with grace and kindness.


Heidi is our Brand Ambassador. She is a fierce fashion blogger and closet organizer outside of representing Laurie Felt!

Andrea C

Andrea C (AC) is our Customer Experience Manager. In addition to leading a 5-star service strategy, she is a master editor and writer for the brand.

“You have created more than just a beautiful business. You created an amazing place for women to come and share their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and stories without judgment. There aren’t many people who give so much of themselves for the goodness of others. I am beyond PROUD of what you are doing!”

Donna S, Laurie Felt Customer