The Denim Games: Silky vs Classic

Laurie FeltDenimThe Denim Games: Silky vs Classic
30 July 2017

If there’s one thing our founder Laurie is most passionate about, it’s denim. Designing the perfect, everyday jean that can be worn for all occasions is something Laurie has been working on for nearly 20 years. We’ve put our hearts into developing two strong, stunning fabrications we call Silky and Classic. Think of the silky as the silk blouse in your closet and the classic as the crisp white blouse – both key to your wardrobe, but for different reasons.

Below we’ve turned these two jeans inside out, putting them head-to-head in the denim games to help you find that perfect pair of denim for your everyday life.

Meet the Silky

The silky is our revolutionary, ultra-soft pull-on jean. Our silky denim gives you a beautiful shape and has the stretch and recovery to keep that shape intact, wear after wear.

Here are some fun facts about our Silky Denim:

They pull-on — and stay on.
We’re all about using technology to its maximum, creating special fibers that give a firm hold and an amazing recovery every single time. It’s all in the construction. The higher the construction, the tighter the weave, the softer the fabric, the higher the quality. All cars drive, but a Bentley drives better than a Volkswagen… same concept.

“There is so much stretch that just the slightest little shimmy gets you in. Once you’re in, everything looks lifted, shaped and great at the start of the day and when the day ends,” said QVC show host Jennifer Coffey, after rocking a pair of our Silky Slim Pull-On Jeans on air.

They look good — and feel great.
Made of Rayon, Cotton, Poly and Span, these four materials combine to create the soft, silky feel fans have come to describe as magic. This forgiving fabric gives you a lean, clean, smooth silhouette and bounces everything to the back – where it belongs! While they look like a fully-fashioned, five pocket jean, they feel like your most comfortable yoga pant. Trust us, you’ll want to wear them every time you open your closet, whether you’re going out for a nice meal or heading to the airport for a long flight.

Meet The Classic

Our classic is a fan favorite, known for its casual look and California charm. Our most famous classic style is for sure the boyfriend jean. This loose-fitting, feminine (a feminine boyfriend? Yep!) style has been flying off the shelves since our start with QVC!


Here are some fun facts about our Classic Denim:

They’re classic, but comfortable.
We know it’s what’s on the inside that matters. Our classic denim is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. But not all cotton is created equal. We use beautiful high-twist quality cotton paired with the same Vital Stretch Technology spandex we use in the Silky Denim to give it a bit of a stretch but more of a comfort stretch.

“It’s just enough to have give, but it still feels like classic denim, said QVC show host, Leah Williams while showcasing our Classic Denim Embroidered Ankle Jeans.

They’re traditional, but modern.
This traditional fit is a fully-fashioned, five pocket jean with a zipper and a button, unlike our sly silky. And while they’re traditional in style, we’ve worked hard to give them a modern, feminine appeal that looks great in both heels and tennis shoes!

So there you have it.

The Denim Games are complete with no clear winner – just two fabrications that both deserve high honors for their incredible style and comfort, at a price point that can’t be beat.

In love with the silky? It happens. Our brand new silky style, the Silky Denim Boot-cut Pull On Jean is now available on

Craving the classic? We’re with you. Be sure to check out our Classic Denim Boyfriend Jean now for sale on

We’d love to hear which style is your favorite in the comments below!

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  1. Linda Tinsley

    I have these in the capri and love, love, love them. They fit just right and are so comfortable.

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