Food Swings: A Recipe For Life

Laurie FeltLifestyleFood Swings: A Recipe For Life
24 July 2017

This summer, Laurie’s good friend and New York Times bestselling cookbook author Jessica Seinfeld launched her 4th cookbook, Food Swings. Laurie was so excited about this book, given that her attitude towards food is very much aligned with the mindset of: sometimes healthy, other times indulgent! To support her friend and this refreshing approach to eating, Laurie hosted Jessica’s book launch this summer at her home in Los Angeles.

So what is Food Swings anyway? Just the best way to eat, in our humble opinion! But besides that..

Food Swings is a collection of simple and satisfying recipes that speak to both sides of your food brain. Food swings shines light on Jessica’s personal approach to cooking and offers recipes that speak to different sides of her personality. As she explains, “the first half of the book, Virtue, provides recipes for your controlled side, while the other half, Vice, is for when you need to feel the wind in your hair. All of it is meant to be enjoyed equally in this fun, something-for-everyone collection.”

Food Swings was created for those who share her low-key, high quality approach to food. For those who love it all — bread, dessert, steamed fished and veggies. “The more energy we expend, the more we need foods that replenish. The desire to eat an entire chocolate cake after a long run is no coincidence; your body is just trying to protect itself. If you eat smart, wholesome food as well as occasional treats, you can stay healthy and still enjoy your life.”

“Aim for virtue, accept some vice, and stay active,” Jessica says. We love this approach and try to live by it ourselves, everyday.

To help add some virtue and vice into your life, we’ve shared one of Laurie’s favorite recipes from Food Swings below for you to make at home. Give it a try and send us a photo of your creation. We may even share it with Jessica!  We’ve also shared a few shots from the beautiful evening celebrating good friends and good food — two of the best things in life.

Jessica’s Roasted Carrots and Chickpeas with Feta Vinaigrette
Laurie loves it because… it’s a good way to get vegetables into your diet, deliciously!


Laurie, Jessica and Cameron Silver at the Food Swings Launch Party

Putting the final touches on the Strawberry and Avocado Breakfast Toast in Laurie’s kitchen

Two of our favorite things: Food Swings and Eric Buterbaugh Peonies

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